Photo by Michelle Valberg Photography (click image to see her beautiful work)

Photo by Michelle Valberg Photography (click image to see her beautiful work)


Melody naturally radiates authenticity. You will feel the genuine “put you at ease - make you feel great – girl next door - glamour goddess - honest talk -inspiring personality”. The best part? She combines all of that with her years of makeup expertise and industry knowledge and brings it to every project, from behind the camera and on-air presentations to public appearances.

Nothing is more multi-faceted than the world of beauty and with any journey through it, you’ll want the best leadership from an equally multi-talented and experienced beauty insider. Melody is that someone you’ve been looking for. With over twenty-three years industry experience and a skill set more versatile than the latest eye-shadow palette, Melody Iafelice is your go-to expert for all things beauty.

A regular on CTV Morning Live across Canada, Rogers Television (segments and guest show host) The Shopping Channel and guest appearances on Evine, a leading US shopping network, it's no wonder that Melody is quickly becoming one of the county's most sought after industry spokesperson and trusted beauty expert.

Melody knows the use of makeup, skincare and hair care are powerful tools in the art of self nurturing and boosted confidence. She can help you put your best face forward while also knowing that makeup can be playful and fun. While some days the use of beauty products is like wearing a suit of armor, giving you strength to face the day or the super power “I got this” tool to take on the world. Melody knows the positive impact makeup and beauty products can have on a person. She understands it’s about feeling great from the inside out.

Melody has achieved success in all areas of makeup and beauty; from magazine covers and advertising campaigns, to brand representative and educator for international brands.  Melody has all your bases covered and is ready to hear about your next project.