What you need to know...

1) Products written about, recommended and suggested throughout www.melodyiafelice.com (my website and blog) and my social media are ALWAYS of my own choosing and therefore the opinions expressed on this site are my own. As I wish this space to be one that is positive (who wants to waste their precious time on negativity?) I choose to use my beauty industry experience, to highlight a product, make suggestions and tips on how to get the most out of it or for whom it may be best suited for. It is up to you to ask questions, dig further into any item you are interested in, to be sure it is a fit for you.  

2) Some products are purchased by me for my personal or professional use, while others are sent for promotional consideration under my agreement. As a working professional in the beauty industry, there will be brands I have chosen to partner with as a component of my career and business.  Regardless of potential business arrangements, refer to 1) above. 

3) For transparency and to be compliant with laws in several countries;  All posts (and the social media outlets I use to share posts) will mention if items were samples sent or in partnership with (may also include 'ad' 'sponsorship' 'sponsored' and/or 'partnership') Posts that are partnerships may also contain affiliate link(s)  By trying any products mentioned here at www.melodyiafelice.com (my website and blog) you are doing so of your own accord.  This site and any suggestions/recommendations shall be not be interpreted as providing dermatological, medical or other such advice. Should you have any concerns, you are advised to seek the care of a suitable professional.  

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