Simple Everyday: 4 Makeup Must-Haves


We are often bombarded with trends and getting the latest and greatest for our closet or makeup bag. It’s both exhausting trying to keep up and costly. However, the good news is we probably already have some really great items we've  forgotten about, hidden treasures. Soooo, I've got a beauty challenge for you and it won't cost thing! The inspiration came from my friend Alyssa who recorded me in her bathroom and opened up her makeup drawer.  

A Fashion Stylist and my beautiful friend, Alyssa is a minimalist and owns less both in her beauty drawer and wardrobe. She is very mindful of what she purchases and sticks to more classic and timeless ideas. So we thought we'd do a fun challenge: To use what she had and create a classic look that fit her personal style and go day to night if needed.

So here is your challenge:
1) Watch my video for suggestions and tips.
2) Look through your drawers and makeup bags to work with what you already own (unless it's expired or very old, that’s the only reason for something new and it should be a classic piece, not the latest unicorn shade ; ) 
3) I'm not even going to show any new beauty items to tempt you with either.
4) Share what hidden treasures you found to create your minimalist makeup look in the comments below.        

If you’d love the same type of help and inspiration for your closet, please visit Alyssa at Ms. Beltempo for great wardrobe and style tips. She is all about working with what you own, wearing it several ways, vintage and thrift shopping plus much more.

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