Winter Warm Up: The Ancient Geisha Way

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I'm not a fan of the cold weather at all, from November to April my feet are always cold and I prefer to be wrapped up and indoors.  Many people find that a hot bath can be a wonderful way to warm up and a great time out.  It warms the body, relaxes the muscles and slows the mind and can prepare you for a good night sleep, something we could all have a little more of I’m sure. Soaking in plain water is boring so make it special, add Fresh Rice Sake Bath soak.

Inspired by Japanese Geisha bathing rituals of using peaches to fragrant their baths and sake to smooth the skin. It’s a complete bath experience with many skin and body benefits. A therapeutic soak with real sake which actually contains enzymes that will smooth and help hydrate skin. The ginger is sure to warm you up and undo tight muscles while pine extract helps to ease breathing, especially great if you are congested by a cold. Fill the tub, add soft music and maybe a candle or two and immerse’s to turning your bath into an ancient Geisha inspired ritual that takes care of our modern ailments. 400ml $108


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