Makeup Removal - Are You Doing it Well?

I'm a big fan of double cleansing my face and yes your skin will see the difference the first time you try it and you'll be hooked. The idea comes from Korean and more Eastern style skin care rituals. The 1st step of cleansing is cutting through and removing the dirt and grime of the day like dust, pollution and what you can't see, plus for those that wear makeup, even if it's just a touch of BB cream, it's the step to remove that too. There is a possibility and before you blame it all on hormones, that your breakout and some skin issues can be (not always) because your 1 tube/step cleansing practice is not cutting through makeup and dirt like it says it can. This first step should be something you can massage into skin with your fingers (wipes can be handy but very rough so that's a whole other post) and dissolve makeup and dirt gently. You'll want to look into cleansing oils and balms. Many will rinse off easily once mixed with water. There are so many types out there that now ALL skin types and preferences are catered to. Here are a few of my faves to choose from...

Tata Harper,  PUR Cosmetics, Belief, Pixi Beauty Double Cleanse by Caroline Hirons,

Once you remove what's on your skin, you can follow with Step 2. This is actually cleaning the skin itself of dead cells, oils and bacteria in pores etc. Simply follow with your favorite cleanser, just make sure it isn't harsh and stripping or drying out your skin. I purchased the Caroline Hirons x Pixi Beauty Double Cleanser at Target early 2017, not yet in Canada as of this posting, however both Target and the Pixi home site offer shipping to Canada. 

Have you tried double cleansing? What is your favourite cleansing routine and products? Let us know in the comments.

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