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Hi and Welcome,

When I think of a laboratory, it's shelves and counters lined with a variety of jars and bottles just waiting to be mixed up and played with. This is what my mother's beauty items and the bathroom was for me as a young child. It was just the beginning for me and beauty products. Who knew at the time that my obsession with all things in pretty containers, a locked bathroom door, TV beauty commercials and a mom who let me play, was the real beginning of In the Beauty Lab and my official start into the beauty industry as a career. Today; my own bathroom a.k.a my beauty lab and my professional makeup kits continue to be a source of play, experimentation and discovery.  I'm a trusted source of beauty skills, talk beauty on TV and get to cross paths with so many intelligent, inspirational people.    

 Beauty on a Shelf by Melody Iafelice

Beauty on a Shelf by Melody Iafelice

You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful. 
― Amy Bloom

With my 20+ years of beauty industry experience and the amazing women (and men too) that I have worked with in my makeup chair, I realized that I needed to build a positive extension of that world for others who may not be in my chair. In the Beauty Lab is a destination for enjoying beauty, having fun, celebrating ourselves and knowing it's OK to take time for you. It's a place of product information, possibly breaking some beauty rules, professional tips and tricks, stepping outside our comfort zones and definitely not having to follow every trend of the moment. Be on your own journey to discovering what works for YOU while feeling good inside and out. 

I hope each of you enjoys your time here. Please feel comfortable to comment, ask questions, share the posts and together we'll build a positive community of amazing people.  May you gain knowledge to confidently cruise the beauty aisles at your leisure and put your best face forward with or without makeup. Just as in real life things will change, evolve and move forward and so will In the Beauty Lab with you here.

Let's enjoy the beauty-full ride together.
~Melody xo

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