Tighten, Lift and Firm Your Skin with the Silk'n Titan

This is the season of celebrations. With parties, long days and late nights, of course, we want to look our radiant best for every occasion on the calendar, whether it be extra play dates and children's school events to office gatherings and those full-on, dress up celebrations that last into the early hours. That extra holiday cheer in a glass (dehydrating) or your on-the-go schedule (exhausting) is sure to leave your skin needing a little more help afterwards.  You may find it tired looking and lackluster. I'm all about using products that can offer multiple benefits. You can confidently put your best face forward with these amazing, easy to use, must have items that are sure to add a lift and glow to your skin before the celebration and long after the party is over.

Sleek, sexy and did I mention safe and easy to use? The Silk'n Titan* is an at-home beauty device that works with our skins own healing properties giving you tighter, toned, smoother and firmer skin by helping to repair and rebuild the natural elastin and collagen. (it can also help in the fight against wrinkles and pigmentation spots. Yes please! Read here for more) The Silk'n Titan uses breakthrough technology that you'd find in professional cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists offices at a fraction of the price and in the palm of your hand for the utmost convenience. I'm in the process of my 10-week treatment plan and truly loving my "Titan Time" twice a week for just 15 minutes per area. i.e. forehead, left cheek, right cheek etc. Skin is already looking and feeling fabulous and receiving compliments.

1) I discovered doing one of  my treatments before an event/night out adds that fresh, healthy glow perfect for makeup prep. 
2) Don't be afraid to use the hyaluronic gel liberally, you'll need enough to easily move the Titan on your skin. Add more when Titan doesn't glide smoothly.
3) Start at 1, 2 setting for the first minute or two of a treatment time to get going, the warm up phase. Then move up to 3-5 as you get used to it.
4) Best results come from using your Titan regularly at the 4 & 5 settings plus moving it in an upwards (anti-gravity) direction.

                                Click the Titan for more information

                               Click the Titan for more information

 Behind the Scenes, waiting to go on-air at CTV Morning Live Ottawa

Behind the Scenes, waiting to go on-air at CTV Morning Live Ottawa


Watch the CTV Ottawa Live Segment to see why you’ll love it too.

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Extra face hydration is key and soft illumination really helps to combat that dry, dehydrated and lack luster skin. COVER FX; a line created especially for (but everyone can use) those who have rosacea, and highly sensitive skin. Their Illuminating Primer is gentle and while its water based formula means it plays nice with all types of foundations, it also gives a hydration boost over your moisturizer and before makeup. It can be worn alone for a healthy and elegant illumination, no shimmer here. You can add the Custom Infusion Drops (vitamin drops) to the primer, your moisturizer or even into your foundation. A drop or two will do the trick. They have 4 types to choose from that address skin issues and boost your routine with additional nutrients when your skin wants/needs a little more help.    

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*a partnership with Silk'n Titan