Magic Metals - Mini Eye Palettes By Huda Beauty

 Huda Beauty Palette from

Huda Beauty Palette from

I’ve always loved the shine of metal since I was a child, something so luxurious with it. It goes back to a ring I found in the neighbourhood, dug it out of the dirt when I was about 6 yrs old. I ran home with it and showed my mom that "I found a real ring" (yep even then I knew the good stuff) Now as a Makeup Artist, I adore shine and shimmer and love mixing metallics. #MelodysMixology

Honestly, I'm a little bored with a new launch every 5 minutes. I'm not hypnotized by the media hype, many of them are just meh anyways. However, should a palette  A) have great shades B) have quality pigments C) have textures that are blend-able D) more timeless shades, perhaps I'll take a closer look. The Huda Beauty "Smokey" Obsessions caught my eye while I waited in line at Sephora. (not on Huda brand-wagon either, read exceptions A-D above) It has a beautiful colour payoff, super velvety to the touch and a friendlier price than most. At only $35 it was an easy purchase for experimentation In the Beauty Lab. 

My fave makeup/fashion motto: “It’s never too early in the day for sequins and smokey eyes” Please don’t be afraid of these shades, they can be worked softly and I share a few beauty tips below. These are neutrals, they'll go with any outfit you wear. The choice is yours of how soft or intense you want to pull them off. Absolutely ANYONE (any age and skin tone) can wear it!


  • Tap a shiny or shimmery shade on to the centre of the eyelid after your done with the eye look for an instant pop of light. 
  • Metal shades can be worn over the eyelid fully as their own colour. Sweep a little across the lid for a sheer version OR pat it on to build up the boldness of it. Go bolder and use a metal hue under the lower lash line.
  • Apply matte shadows first, then blend a metallic over top to alter it. Example black matte eyeshadows first, then topped with gold or silver will make the metallic deeper.
  • Apply metal shade first (see step #2 above) Then, in the outer corner add a touch of one of the deeper matte shades. Blend softly into lid but not too far across. You just want to keep it in the outer corner and soft looking.
  • Use the deep matte shades as a liner instead of a pencil or gel. Instant, easy smake show. 
  • Bonus, if you want to add a bit of shine but not gooey gloss to your lip colour, pat a touch of one of the metallics to slightly alter the lip look.                                                                             
    This palette has great pigment, so you only need a little to start off with. I purchased it at  Sephora.

PS Remember that ring I found? It was a vintage white and yellow gold diamond ring. (love for mixed metals) My mother posted the lost ring and asked around the neighbourhood many times but no one ever claimed it. She saved it for me and I still have it.

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