How I'm Fighting Gravity & Firming My Skin FT. Silk'n Titan

One day it just happened, I woke up, looked in the mirror - as per the usual beauty routine - then pulled, poked and squished my face checking out gravity’s work that looked like it appeared over night. I’m sure I’m not the only one wanting to fight the effects of gravity. Perhaps it’s time for more oomph in the skincare routine? 

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As a both a beauty industry pro and a consumer, I wanted to know, is there anything out there that can do a bit more than my lotions and potions? Can it be convenient, easy to use and complimentary to one’s existing anti-aging routine? Something I would be willing to share with others that had the same concerns? Not too big of a wish list is it? I'm thrilled to share with you my partnership with Silk'n Titan, the chic and sleek at home beauty device that was provided for me to work with during my treatment journey. I was to use it twice per week over a 10-week period. It's my #TitanTime. Perfect for those areas I was having extra ‘gravitational’ concerns over. 

I found the Titan to be super convenient and require no downtime, in fact, I’ve used it before an event because I needed to fit in the treatment that week and really liked the extra healthy glow it gives afterwards. During treatment time, the Titan gets warm and is working to stimulate cell renewal in a painless way. It helps to rejuvenate and repair collagen and elastin fibers (think of those fibers like tiny springs that push and hold up the surface) to tighten, firm and lift the skin from within, which leads to reduced lines and wrinkles. Just as each of us has different skin types, ages and stages of ageing, results can vary person to person.

The first thing I noticed after the first use was that healthy glow I mentioned. Then after a few uses, I could feel like my skin seemed to be juicier or plumper is the better word, firmer than before. The texture also felt nice, and I noticed makeup was wearing well (a bonus). I still used my regular skin care, nothing else was changed. With time and more treatments with the Silk’n Titan, I felt effects were lasting longer between treatments like my skin was being worked into better condition overall.

BEAUTY TIPS: Here are extra ones I learned along the way and were shared with me for even better results:

1)      I have drier skin, so I found my skin really absorbed the water-based, hyaluronic slider gel when used alone on clean skin, making for a few interruptions to reapply during treatment. I prepped my skin, as usual, using my nightly moisturizer before a treatment and noticed my skin didn’t drink up the gel as quickly, making for fewer interruptions during my #TitanTime. The use of the slider is also bonus hydration for me.

2)      Don’t be shy about applying the gel, the Titan needs to glide easily. Add some to the device head itself. I suggest ordering an extra tube of slider gel.

3)      When the Titan doesn’t glide smoothly, and you are still in your 15 minutes, time to add more slider gel to skin.

4)      Each area you want to work on is a 15 minute treatment. Work in small areas to get the most out of the treatment. i.e. work on half of the forehead at a time.

5)      While there are multiple intensities, the best results achieved are using levels 4 & 5 regularly. Start with the first 2 minutes on levels 1-3, like a warm up session.

6)      Yes, it’s warm. Do not hold your Titan in one place, keep it gliding over the skin. Try to work in upwards motion when possible

7)      I found evenings were the best time for me, as I could plug in the Titan, sit with a book or TV show and relax for some quiet Melody time.

If you are looking for something to add to your anti-aging skincare routine, but hesitant on heading into the pricier alternatives of in-office procedures, the Silk’n Titan is something I highly recommend you reach for. Just remember, you need to be consistent with treatments if you want to see changes in your skin, beyond your favourite creams. You can see my introduction and TV Beauty Segment ft. the Silk'n Titan to see why I trust and will continue to include it in my skincare routine. 

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below.

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