Clean Your Makeup Brushes - Your Skin & Makeup Products Will Thank You

As a makeup artist is is absolutely imperative that brushes are cleaned after every client use. I have two types of cleansers, one is a liquid I put into a spray bottle and carry in my kit. It's great for quick colour removal and sanitizing on the go, however, all brushes should be cleaned with water and a cleanser to pull out colour, sanitize and product build-up and just a really deep clean. There are also several skin benefits to keeping your brushes regularly cleaned.

Washing brushes isn't tough to do, just not fun for most. Although I actually do enjoy cleaning mine. If you knew what was on your personal brushes or sponges after multiple uses you'd want them fresher more often. Click on the video to see what I'm using (pssst it's cruelty-free and vegan) and how it extends the life of my brushes while keeping them fresh and in shape for best application and client experience. 

*product was sent for trial. Opinions and pro tips are my own.
Thank you Hoppy and Poppy

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