I am a Makeup Artist - But here's why I hired one for my head-shots

 photo:  Michelle Valberg   Makeup: Angelina Luigi

Not everyone likes to have their picture taken. Including me, I'm more comfortable than I used to be, but still not my favourite thing. To be honest I'm actually more chill for a live TV segment because I can move around. I get it people and I'm here to help you through it and put your best, confident self forward. Here's how and why you should hire a professional Makeup Artist for your next head-shots or even public appearance.

It was time to update my own photos for my website, so I had a professional session with the incredible and lovely photographer Michelle Valberg at Westboro Studio. (she has such amazing talent, and client roster plus so much of her work has been seen globally) Truly someone I admire both as a woman and a creative professional. I've wanted her to take my picture for a long time and to have the experience of being in front of her camera lens. I've worked with Michelle and prepping many of her clients for years, so it was fabulous to be the subject. I wanted the full experience, the same one I give to my clients for same photo-shoot service. I HIRED, yes paid for a professional makeup artist for my shoot. Yep, that's right, I didn't do my own makeup. I called in my friend Angelina.

The incredible attention to detail on my face by Angelina was more intense than I would have given myself. We'll cut corners on our own makeup/hair some days, but for a photo shoot? No way. You want the fine details taken care of.  Here's what the best of us artists will do for you; even out complexion with the right shade of foundation, keep your skin looking like skin, smooth application by way of using great tools, make it glow or remove shine, hide dark circles and spots/blemishes and brighten up under eyes (this part is perfect for guys too). Eye and lip makeup is refined while lips and cheeks pop with a healthy, well-blended colour. 

I was relaxed and ready.  Above all, I looked and felt amazing!!! So glad this is what I can offer to clients too. First look (bottom) is a softer, natural look, we all need that photo. The second look (above) is my fave personal style; smokey eye with a nude lip. The end result, are photos that are freakin' amazing...so good in fact that it was tough to choose. 

Why you need a makeup artist.

  • Makeup artists understand the lighting on set is much different from your lighting at home.  We know what will be picked up by the camera and adjust accordingly. 
  • We see ALL the angles that you don't and take care of them. Trust me, you'll be glad you had me help you.
  • You've invested in the professional photographer. Why are you skipping out on the details of your personal appearance? Go the distance people...I make sure those details being photographed, your face, hair and outfit are seen in the best-polished look.
  • You should be moving around changing a pose to adjust those things.
  • Your photographer has the big picture in mind - lighting, background, posing you and getting your best angles, they just can't see it all. As a makeup artist, I'm that other set of eyes looking at those small details. We are a team!!
  • Makeup Artists are the pre-photoshop stage. It may actually cost more in the end than hiring a makeup artist to have your picture fully retouched afterwards (time and experience cost $) 
  • You want your clients to trust you with the details of your expertise...trust me with yours.
  • These pictures are an investment that could go a couple of years if done well from the get-go. 
  • Relax and don't sweat the small stuff. I got you, I want you to look great as well. May even want to use your pictures in my portfolio. 
  • Ease into the session. Feel the pampering that you deserve. (I didn't want to be concerned with messing up my own eyeliner before pictures, that can happen on a regular day to me, lol)
  • A makeup artist attending to you before photos are about having a set of eyes viewing you differently than you see yourself. Working with you to enhance the best.  
  • You deserve to look and feel your best. Feel like a superstar. 
  • My job doesn't end there. I go the extra steps and can help with hair touch-ups, make sure makeup gets any adjusting during lighting test and through the shoot. I keep an eye out for flyaway strands of hair, fix a jacket or shirt so it isn't bunched up and I have been known to help match outfits and accessories before the shoot.  
  • Bonus: Hello, you are in the chair of a Makeup Artist... I love to share beauty tips and recommendations if you ask.
 Photo:   Michelle Valberg                  Makeup:  Angelina Luigi

Photo:  Michelle Valberg                 Makeup: Angelina Luigi

And by the way, what is talked about in my makeup hair stays in the makeup chair. I value the trust you have put in me to put your best face forward and give it back to you.

Have you ever had head-shots done before? Did you love or hate them? If it's time for new ones, perhaps I can help? Reach out and we can chat about ideas and some photographer recommendations.

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