How I'm Fighting Gravity & Firming My Skin FT. Silk'n Titan

One day it just happened, I woke up, looked in the mirror - as per the usual beauty routine - then pulled, poked and squished my face checking out gravity’s work that looked like it appeared over night. I’m sure I’m not the only one wanting to fight the effects of gravity. Perhaps it’s time for more oomph in the skincare routine? 

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As a both a beauty industry pro and a consumer, I wanted to know, is there anything out there that can do a bit more than my lotions and potions? Can it be convenient, easy to use and complimentary to one’s existing anti-aging routine? Something I would be willing to share with others that had the same concerns? Not too big of a wish list is it? I'm thrilled to share with you my partnership with Silk'n Titan, the chic and sleek at home beauty device that was provided for me to work with during my treatment journey. I was to use it twice per week over a 10-week period. It's my #TitanTime. Perfect for those areas I was having extra ‘gravitational’ concerns over. 

I found the Titan to be super convenient and require no downtime, in fact, I’ve used it before an event because I needed to fit in the treatment that week and really liked the extra healthy glow it gives afterwards. During treatment time, the Titan gets warm and is working to stimulate cell renewal in a painless way. It helps to rejuvenate and repair collagen and elastin fibers (think of those fibers like tiny springs that push and hold up the surface) to tighten, firm and lift the skin from within, which leads to reduced lines and wrinkles. Just as each of us has different skin types, ages and stages of ageing, results can vary person to person.

The first thing I noticed after the first use was that healthy glow I mentioned. Then after a few uses, I could feel like my skin seemed to be juicier or plumper is the better word, firmer than before. The texture also felt nice, and I noticed makeup was wearing well (a bonus). I still used my regular skin care, nothing else was changed. With time and more treatments with the Silk’n Titan, I felt effects were lasting longer between treatments like my skin was being worked into better condition overall.

BEAUTY TIPS: Here are extra ones I learned along the way and were shared with me for even better results:

1)      I have drier skin, so I found my skin really absorbed the water-based, hyaluronic slider gel when used alone on clean skin, making for a few interruptions to reapply during treatment. I prepped my skin, as usual, using my nightly moisturizer before a treatment and noticed my skin didn’t drink up the gel as quickly, making for fewer interruptions during my #TitanTime. The use of the slider is also bonus hydration for me.

2)      Don’t be shy about applying the gel, the Titan needs to glide easily. Add some to the device head itself. I suggest ordering an extra tube of slider gel.

3)      When the Titan doesn’t glide smoothly, and you are still in your 15 minutes, time to add more slider gel to skin.

4)      Each area you want to work on is a 15 minute treatment. Work in small areas to get the most out of the treatment. i.e. work on half of the forehead at a time.

5)      While there are multiple intensities, the best results achieved are using levels 4 & 5 regularly. Start with the first 2 minutes on levels 1-3, like a warm up session.

6)      Yes, it’s warm. Do not hold your Titan in one place, keep it gliding over the skin. Try to work in upwards motion when possible

7)      I found evenings were the best time for me, as I could plug in the Titan, sit with a book or TV show and relax for some quiet Melody time.

If you are looking for something to add to your anti-aging skincare routine, but hesitant on heading into the pricier alternatives of in-office procedures, the Silk’n Titan is something I highly recommend you reach for. Just remember, you need to be consistent with treatments if you want to see changes in your skin, beyond your favourite creams. You can see my introduction and TV Beauty Segment ft. the Silk'n Titan to see why I trust and will continue to include it in my skincare routine. 

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below.

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Winter Warm Up: The Ancient Geisha Way

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I'm not a fan of the cold weather at all, from November to April my feet are always cold and I prefer to be wrapped up and indoors.  Many people find that a hot bath can be a wonderful way to warm up and a great time out.  It warms the body, relaxes the muscles and slows the mind and can prepare you for a good night sleep, something we could all have a little more of I’m sure. Soaking in plain water is boring so make it special, add Fresh Rice Sake Bath soak.

Inspired by Japanese Geisha bathing rituals of using peaches to fragrant their baths and sake to smooth the skin. It’s a complete bath experience with many skin and body benefits. A therapeutic soak with real sake which actually contains enzymes that will smooth and help hydrate skin. The ginger is sure to warm you up and undo tight muscles while pine extract helps to ease breathing, especially great if you are congested by a cold. Fill the tub, add soft music and maybe a candle or two and immerse’s to turning your bath into an ancient Geisha inspired ritual that takes care of our modern ailments. 400ml $108


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Glow All Year - 3 Ways to Bronze it Up

 Click image to shop Guerlain at Sephora

Click image to shop Guerlain at Sephora

When you long for the long warm days filled with sunshine and the glowing complexion that the sun provides, bronzers and self-tanners are the way to go. Here are three ways for you to hold on to Summer any time of the year.  The secret is to go easy with what you choose so it compliments skin and looks chic my friends. Not overdone roasted chicken and cheap like the comedic character Magda from Something About  Mary movie LOL. 

For the face, I highly suggest matte formulas of bronzer year round. As a makeup artist, they look more elegant, subtle and can be layered for more color in the warmer months when you may have extra color. I love the luxury of a Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer, they always create new versions too (I've always had one, repurchased many times over 22 years since working with them way back as an account executive)  You can also look at Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzers  


Step 1 -Apply bronzer to the cheeks first, with any colour left in your brush move to...
Step 2 - go along the forehead and temples (closer to hairline) for shading (not contouring) It's soft and understated.
Repeat Step 1 to build colour. 

 Clarins Canada

Clarins Canada

Want something that doesn't wash off at the end of the day? Time to reach for self tanners. For a subdued tan and easy-to-use daily formula Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster (face or body bottles) These were introduced to me by one of my besties and are simply added by the drop(s) into your daily moisturizer or body lotion for a subtle warmth to the skin.


Just know that if you use any exfoliant (including AHA's, acids, peels, retinol type products) your self-tan may not last as long as mentioned on the package.


My friend noticed something interesting...she is like the most awesome research gal ever, and thought you may like to know too! The ingredients for both the face and body (as written on their boxes) are the same and in the same order. Yet the prices are quite varied between the body drops, face drops and the men's drops??  Here is the $ breakdown:
Body is 30ml/ $46  - BEST PRICE  (Clarins on-line or Sephora)
Face is 15ml/$32 (Shoppers Drug Mart)
Men's Drops 15ml/$30  - WHY LESS FOR MEN?  (Clarins Canada on-line)
Which ever you choose, it's a great product to try for those who tend to shy away from most self-tanners. I do use a few more drops then actually suggested.

       Click to shop Canadian site

      Click to shop Canadian site

Sometimes you just want head to toe bronze that lasts for days. Adjusting the intensity of shades per season is the key beauty tip here. Remember we want chic (think JLO glow)  I LOVE the Cocoa Brown Tan, believable results in an hour. In cooler months I personally go down a shade and reach for the medium so it shows, but not trying too hard if you know what I mean. In the summer or before a beach vacation I use the dark so I get my vacation vibe on before I land. PS check out their Shimmer Oils. Tan or no tan these are sexy on the skin!

What are your favorite bronzers and self tanners? Share them in the comments below for all of us.  Never miss a post or update, sign up for your In the Beauty Lab newsletter. 

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Tighten, Lift and Firm Your Skin with the Silk'n Titan

This is the season of celebrations. With parties, long days and late nights, of course, we want to look our radiant best for every occasion on the calendar, whether it be extra play dates and children's school events to office gatherings and those full-on, dress up celebrations that last into the early hours. That extra holiday cheer in a glass (dehydrating) or your on-the-go schedule (exhausting) is sure to leave your skin needing a little more help afterwards.  You may find it tired looking and lackluster. I'm all about using products that can offer multiple benefits. You can confidently put your best face forward with these amazing, easy to use, must have items that are sure to add a lift and glow to your skin before the celebration and long after the party is over.

Sleek, sexy and did I mention safe and easy to use? The Silk'n Titan* is an at-home beauty device that works with our skins own healing properties giving you tighter, toned, smoother and firmer skin by helping to repair and rebuild the natural elastin and collagen. (it can also help in the fight against wrinkles and pigmentation spots. Yes please! Read here for more) The Silk'n Titan uses breakthrough technology that you'd find in professional cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists offices at a fraction of the price and in the palm of your hand for the utmost convenience. I'm in the process of my 10-week treatment plan and truly loving my "Titan Time" twice a week for just 15 minutes per area. i.e. forehead, left cheek, right cheek etc. Skin is already looking and feeling fabulous and receiving compliments.

1) I discovered doing one of  my treatments before an event/night out adds that fresh, healthy glow perfect for makeup prep. 
2) Don't be afraid to use the hyaluronic gel liberally, you'll need enough to easily move the Titan on your skin. Add more when Titan doesn't glide smoothly.
3) Start at 1, 2 setting for the first minute or two of a treatment time to get going, the warm up phase. Then move up to 3-5 as you get used to it.
4) Best results come from using your Titan regularly at the 4 & 5 settings plus moving it in an upwards (anti-gravity) direction.

                                Click the Titan for more information

                               Click the Titan for more information

 Behind the Scenes, waiting to go on-air at CTV Morning Live Ottawa

Behind the Scenes, waiting to go on-air at CTV Morning Live Ottawa


Watch the CTV Ottawa Live Segment to see why you’ll love it too.

PS put it on your wish list if you need too!!!

Extra face hydration is key and soft illumination really helps to combat that dry, dehydrated and lack luster skin. COVER FX; a line created especially for (but everyone can use) those who have rosacea, and highly sensitive skin. Their Illuminating Primer is gentle and while its water based formula means it plays nice with all types of foundations, it also gives a hydration boost over your moisturizer and before makeup. It can be worn alone for a healthy and elegant illumination, no shimmer here. You can add the Custom Infusion Drops (vitamin drops) to the primer, your moisturizer or even into your foundation. A drop or two will do the trick. They have 4 types to choose from that address skin issues and boost your routine with additional nutrients when your skin wants/needs a little more help.    

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*a partnership with Silk'n Titan

Makeup Removal - Are You Doing it Well?

I'm a big fan of double cleansing my face and yes your skin will see the difference the first time you try it and you'll be hooked. The idea comes from Korean and more Eastern style skin care rituals. The 1st step of cleansing is cutting through and removing the dirt and grime of the day like dust, pollution and what you can't see, plus for those that wear makeup, even if it's just a touch of BB cream, it's the step to remove that too. There is a possibility and before you blame it all on hormones, that your breakout and some skin issues can be (not always) because your 1 tube/step cleansing practice is not cutting through makeup and dirt like it says it can. This first step should be something you can massage into skin with your fingers (wipes can be handy but very rough so that's a whole other post) and dissolve makeup and dirt gently. You'll want to look into cleansing oils and balms. Many will rinse off easily once mixed with water. There are so many types out there that now ALL skin types and preferences are catered to. Here are a few of my faves to choose from...

Tata Harper,  PUR Cosmetics, Belief, Pixi Beauty Double Cleanse by Caroline Hirons,

Once you remove what's on your skin, you can follow with Step 2. This is actually cleaning the skin itself of dead cells, oils and bacteria in pores etc. Simply follow with your favorite cleanser, just make sure it isn't harsh and stripping or drying out your skin. I purchased the Caroline Hirons x Pixi Beauty Double Cleanser at Target early 2017, not yet in Canada as of this posting, however both Target and the Pixi home site offer shipping to Canada. 

Have you tried double cleansing? What is your favourite cleansing routine and products? Let us know in the comments.

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